Westway Bike Day

For one day every year we help out the local community and the Westway neighborhood by providing a free bicycle repair clinic For ALL.  At Westway Bike Day we will have multiple repair stations set up to help with any and all broken bicycles that are brought our way.  The intention and purpose of this event is to help those that are unable to pay for bicycle repair and maintenance.  We will of course help with the bicycle repairs but we are also going to help with providing basic bicycle maintenance education as well.  Pumping tires and lubing chains can make a world of difference for the longevity and reliability of a bicycle and we want to help spread the word.  We will be on location and open for service from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  We will have bike mechanics, work stations, bike pumps, and parts to help get the neighborhood bikes in safe working condition.  We cannot fix every bike and every problem but with our extensive experience and collection of replacement parts we will be able to repair the vast majority.  Please keep in mind we are there to repair bicycles that are salvageable; not rebuild bicycles that have been sitting outside broken and neglected for the past 5 years.   The date for our 2019 event is Sunday 5/12 and the action all takes place at the Westway Community Center at 33400 21st Ave SW, Federal Way, WA. 98023.  All are welcome and all services are first come first serve.   Once you arrive you will enter the check in line where we will assess your bikes needs and then you will be placed in line waiting for the next available bike mechanic.    This event would not be possible without help from the many volunteers that staff our bike repair stations.  These volunteers are from Phil’s Bike Shop, The Bikes For Kids charity at Marine View Presbyterian Church, and the Major Taylor Project from Cascade Bike Club.