My bike has a few problems, how much will it cost to fix it?
Please bring your bike into the shop and let us take a look. Estimates are free and often take less than thirty seconds. Feel free to skim our online price list for a ballpark figure.

Where are some good places to ride around here?
Both King and Peirce county have a healthy selection of paved bike trails. Visit the county’s websites directly or come by the shop for a complementary map.

Where are some good places to mountain bike around here?
A great place to start would be Dash Point State Park.

Why doesn’t my bike purchased from Walmart/Fred Meyer work right?
As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for”.

My electric/gas scooter has a few problems, can a bike shop help?
Sorry, due to insurance restraints we are not able to work on motorized vehicles. Please contact your authorized scooter retailer.