USED Bikes

At Phil’s Bike Shop we BUY & SELL Quality Used Bikes.

Complete bikes only, not parts, bits, & pieces.  


If you want to BUY a Quality USED bike…

You have come to the right place. We are not a pawn shop, garage sale, or online ad; so our bike shop quality bikes are sold adjusted, cleaned, tuned, and ready to ride with a 30 day labor guarantee on any future repair needs. Since our selection changes daily please stop into our shop to see what our current inventory looks like.



At any one time we typically have 50-65 USED bikes all serviced and ready to roll. Each USED bike gets a full service tune up during which we will adjust and or replace any parts we deem to be unsafe and/or un-serviceable. The sales price on each USED bike is of course dependent on the specific bike and its condition, but we have USED bike prices that typically range from $75 – $400 with the average being closer to $200. We have USED bikes all year long, but the good ones go fast and Summer time selection gets very thin.  If you want the best selection come see us between October-March.

If you want to SELL or TRADE IN a USED bike…


Do you have a bike with a questionable history that you are willing to sell cheap?  Don’t bring it here!!  We at Phil’s Bike Shop do buy bikes but we do not buy , sell, or cater to the “HOT” bike market.  We purchase bikes outright; we will not pawn, consign, or loan you money.   For qualifying bikes we may offer you cash  or in-store credit for your USED bike. We know you are anxious to get a price quote on your used bike but…In order to evaluate your USED bike we need to see it here live and in person for an inspection and assessment. We cannot and will not evaluate any bike over the phone, the internet, via text, descriptions, or photographs. We do not purchase all brands of bikes.  We purchase quality bikes that came from bike shops not inexpensive unreliable disposable bikes from big box stores.  If your bike was purchased at a department store like Target, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Toys R-Us, or Fred Meyer, we WILL NOT WANT IT FOR ANY PRICE.   If you are unsure if your brand is eligible check Nitty Gritty points #8- #9 below, or call us at 253-661-3903 to tell us the brand of the bike, and we will tell you whether or not we are interested at all. We WILL NOT give you any monetary valuation over the phone.  Of course we know you want the maximum dollar value for your USED bike; who wouldn’t?

     If you want to earn the maximum value on a used bike you need to sell it on your own to the end user.  We will not buy every bike presented to us, but we will make an offer on most that are eligible. If you have a very expensive high end custom bike worth thousands of dollars you will have to sell it on your own to get the best price.  We are likely to offer you a price, but please keep in mind that we own a bike shop and are in the business of buying, fixing, and selling bikes; as such we need to cover our expenses so we can stay in business. The inspection evaluation of your USED bike is free and will only take one to two minutes of live face to face interaction; but then once done you will know what your bike is actually worth.

The Nitty Gritty…

1.)  All purchased bikes must have the original paint job and identifiable serial number.

2.)  All serial numbers will be checked with Bike Registry, Bike Finder, and the local Police to identify stolen bikes.  Identified stolen bikes & your name WILL be immediately reported to Police.

3.)  You must be the owner of the bike.  We will not purchase the bike from you when it belongs to your …”friend, Uncle, Cousin, Brother, etc…”

4.)  You must have a valid non expired state issued laminated picture ID (NO temporary paper ID’s).

5.)  You must have a second ID that matches the name on the first (credit card, voters card, CostCo Card, Library card, etc…).

6.)  We purchase complete bikes ONLY; no frames, forks, parts, or accessories.

7.)  We do not purchase all bikes.  No kids bikes with wheels smaller than 20″, no motorized bikes, no Tandems, no Recumbents,  no Folding Bikes,  no Adult Trikes, no Hand crank bikes, no Internet purchased bikes, and no department store quality bikes that came from Fred Meyer, Toys-R-Us, Target, Kmart, the Internet, Wal-Mart, etc…

8.)  We WILL NOT purchase any of the following brands..

  • All Electric / Motorized Bikes

  • AnCheer

  • Anza

  • Autobike

  • Avigo

  • Bell Draft

  • Bigshot

  • BMW

  • Carghi

  • CCM

  • Cignal

  • Critical Cycles

  • Del Rio

  • Denali

  • Dynacraft

  • Fat Tire (New Belgian Cruiser)

  • FDS Bike

  • Finnis

  • Fit

  • Fito

  • Forever

  • Framed

  • GMC

  • Genesis

  • Gravity

  • HL Bikes

  • Huffy

  • Hummer

  • Infinity

  • Kent

  • KHE Bikes

  • Land Rider

  • Magna

  • Micargi

  • Mongoose

  • Motiv

  • Mt Tek

  • Next

  • Pacific

  • Phat
  • Pure Fix

  • Rand

  • Realm

  • Roadmaster

  • Royce Union

  • Scattante

  • Schwinn (Bought by Pacific in 2001 and now sold by big box stores like Wal-Mart)

  • SE Draft

  • Sole

  • State Bicycle Company

  • Takara

  • Thruster

  • Tony Hawk

  • Trayl
  • Traxl

  • Upland

  • Vertical

  • Vilano

  • VZR

  • Windsor

9.)  We do purchase quality brands sold at bike shops including, but not limited to…

  • BMC

  • Bianchi

  • Bontrager

  • Cannondale

  • Cervelo

  • Cinelli

  • Colnago

  • Co-Op (REI Brand)

  • Cove

  • Davidson

  • Diamond Back

  • Electra

  • Ellsworth

  • Felt

  • Free Agent

  • Fuji

  • Gary Fisher

  • Giant

  • Ghost

  • GT
  • Haro

  • Ibis

  • Jamis

  • K2

  • KHS

  • Kona

  • LaPierre

  • Lemond

  • Marin

  • Motobecane

  • Norco

  • Novarra

  • Pivot

  • Raleigh

  • Redline

  • Rodriguez

  • Santa Cruz

  • Scott

  • Sekai

  • Shogun

  • Specialized

  • Sun Bicycles

  • Torker

  • Trek

10.)  Payment will be made to you on the spot in cash.